Dr. Hanno Hoffstadt
Hanno Hoffstadt received his Ph. D. in biophysics from the University of Giessen, Germany.
Since 1998 he has worked in prepress, printing and color management.
In 2006, he joined GMG as a color scientist and is responsible for research on spectral methods.
He is a member of the ECI, the DfWG, TAGA, and of IS&T.

Abstract: Herausforderungen des Farbdrucks

Challenges in Colour Printing

Themen des Workshops mit Demonstrationen:

  • Farbmanagement: Messung und digitale Kommunikation von Farbe
  • Separation und Datenaustausch: Druckfarben und druckfähige PDF-Dateien
  • Proof: farb- und inhaltsverbindliche Simulation des späteren Druckproduktes
  • Verpackungen und Schmuckfarben: traditionelle Charakterisierung des Mehrfarbendrucks und neue Möglichkeiten durch spektrale Vorhersage

Workshop topics and demonstrations:

  • Colour management: measurement and digital communication of colour
  • Separation and data exchange: printing inks and print-ready PDF files
  • Proofing: accurate simulation of colour and content of the final printed product
  • Packaging and spot colours: Traditional characterization methods of multicolour printing and new possibilities through spectral prediction